Sunday, 30 March 2014

Attabad Landslide Lake 

As per orders of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the work regarding Lowering of Water Level in Attabad Landslide Lake was awarded to FWO with NESPAK as Consultant. Accordingly CDWP approved the project “Lowering of Water Level in Attabad Landslide Lake on 21-01-2011 at a cost of Rs. 662.5 million for a period of one year up-till November, 2011. The project could not be completed in the prescribed time due to a number of difficulties specific to that area i.e. extreme weather conditions, high flow of water in the river and lack of repair and maintenance facilities etc. Therefore, with the approval of Secretary the project was extended up-till June, 2013. Later on, due to increase in the scope of the work, the project was revised with the approval of CDWP at an enhanced cost Rs. 995 million at time extension up-till June, 2014, As per revised PC-I, the contract with FWO has been extended up-till June, 2014, whereas the case for extension to the consultancy contract of NESPAK is under consideration in the Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform since February, 2013.

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