Sunday, 26 February 2012


It was February 5, 2012, I was sleeping on my bed and enjoying my weekend at my home, suddenly My Office Colleague / Friend Mr. Afzal Jamal call me and informed me that we are going to Mureee for enjoying snow falling on our motorcycle. Hafiz Wassem Abbas our Friend also join us in this visit. I got up and realized that it was raining outside. But I don't care about this and get ready to go to Murree. It was very difficult to me to Drive the Bike in Rain in winter.

Too cold there and we have 2 bike. Snow Fall made us Mad and We forget about the cold. That was Wounder full and our feelings were not describable. 
Afzal Jamal

Hafiz Waseem Abbas
This was lot of fun and we enjoyed every moment on this Tour. 

Abid Hussain

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